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Indications for counseling

There are many indications for human genetic counseling. In most areas of medicine, diseases exist which are either genetic in nature, or for which genetic factors play an important role.

Frequent indications for human genetic counseling are the wish for a genetic diagnosis prior to a planned pregnancy, or prenatal (prenatal) diagnostics in an existing pregnancy for which a known risk of abnormalities exists for the offspring. Human genetic counseling is particularly important in cases of predictive genetic diagnosis in asymptomatic persons who have a history of the respective disease in the family.

  • Questions concerning the diagnosis, cause, prognosis of a hereditary disease (developmental disorder, mental retardation, malformations, muscular diseases, neurological diseases, metabolic disorders, etc.)
  • Familial accumulation of tumor diseases (possibility of a familial tumor syndrome)

  • Wish for predictive testing for known diseases in the family

  • Questions relating to family planning:

    • unfulfilled wish for children and/or several unexplained miscarriages
    • in vitro fertilization
    • advanced parental age
    • marriage between relatives
    • exposure to teratogens (drugs, infections, radiation)
    • conspicuous findings during pregnancy (first trimester screening, ultrasound, non-invasive tests)
    • prenatal genetic diagnostics



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