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Scheduling an appointment

Our office is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. When arranging the appointment, please indicate whether you or your partner is pregnant, so that the earliest possible date can be agreed.


Elfriede SchwalbachSchwalbach, Elfriede
Email: elfriede.schwalbach@ukb.uni-bonn.de
Telephone: 0228-287-51000

Sandra AuerAuer, Sandra
Email: sandra.auer@ukb.uni-bonn.de
Telephone: 0228-287-51001

Angelika MortierMortier, Angelika
Email: mortier@uni-bonn.de
Telephone: 0228-287-51002

Appointments can also be scheduled per E-Mail.
You can fax the office at 0228-281 51011.



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